A special little party

This morning we woke up at our usual 6am - my favourite time to get up on a Sunday (sigh). Dad is away duck shooting (I'll never understand the fun of that one) and I'm on duty once again.

So up we get, T.V. on (don't judge me - and anyway it was quality 80's TV of Tom and Jerry) and I flick my laptop up to see what's going on while I think about what we can do for the day.
Here's what was happening: Kate and Wills have had baby number 2 - a little girl. Whilst I'm looking at Kate looking like she's just stepped out of a hair salon rather than a birthing suite - I think - 'how lovely', then I think, 'it's quite sad that they have to front up hours after birth just so I can flick up my laptop and catch a glimpse of the newest heir to the throne.' Mind you, having more minders and support than any other mother could ever hope for must be rather nice. Still rather her than me and I wish them all the best. Moving on...

Next was Tiki Tane's brilliant response to X-factor NZ - a must read :0 He has some valid points about the process and what a major record company can do to an aspiring artist.

You can see it here:

Time was getting on by now -  so I headed off to Pinterest to do some 'research' for a product I'm working on and in amongst my feed was this great Pin originally written by blogger Anna Luther over at My Life and Kids. She has some fabulous FREE ideas of ways to enjoy being with your kids - I needed this this morning. Her ideas are practical and fun.

After making my way through all 75 ideas and feeding the kids (No, I didn't forget breakfast). I decided on holding a birthday party for a toy of Miss K's choice. She thought this was great and there began a morning FULL of party preparations and entertainment.

This has always been one of our favourite activities -

a balloon above the vacuum flies all by itself - no helium required ;)


We even out on our birthday crowns (you can buy your own here)

We baked a cake, got dressed up - all Miss K's choice of clothing, set the party table up where she wanted it (in the entranceway - lucky it's big enough ), found some guests, blew up some balloons and vacuumed, iced the cake and voila we were ready to party. The kids loved it! 
We sang happy birthday to Phoebe then it was time to go outside for a party game. Miss K hid toy animals all over the garden (multiple times over) and we had find them. Mr N loved it - finding eggs then running off with them to create his own game.
Then came the Easter Egg hunt from left over Easter eggs that I had hidden in the cupboard - which was another half an hour of entertainment. I enjoyed a coffee in my favourite spot in the sun then we decided to rake up the leaves in the backyard and they enjoyed hiding eggs and running through the leaf pile! And all the while there was no fighting, moaning, yelling or growling. Perfect.

'Mum' is helping baby Phoebe blow out the candles


Watch out for that alligator!


Someone has touched Mum's camera lens with chocolate fingers! 

Yes, I had to be present and engaged for the whole morning. No, I didn't get to do my 'stuff'. But I did get to hang out with my babies, say yes to second helpings of icing with cake and too many easter eggs and find animals all over my garden. I discovered that my daughter has intricate icing skills and was reminded of how much happier my son is outside.
On an Autumn morning with the days getting colder - this was the perfect way to spend it. 
I encourage you to hope over to Anna's blog - she's been doing it awhile and has some great tricks up her sleeve all the while not pretending to be the perfect mother.
So my challenge to you this week, is to try one thing that is new for your kids and immerse yourself for a few hours (you may already be good at this - I need reminding sometimes), you will all feel better about the daily grind, trust me.
Enjoy your week - and feel free to leave a comment or suggestion for other fun ways to hang out together :)
Sara x


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