Exciting Times

Hi there!

This month has flown by, I had a great time at the fete - it's great to meet past customers and meet new people.


Mini Made is about to embark on a new adventure which I am really excited about ! More to come shortly but if you live in South Canterbury keep an eye on our blog and FB page over the next couple of weeks :)

In the meantime, check out our Pinterest boards for some crafty Easter makes :)




Have a great weekend!


Sara x


Sparkly Slingshots

With Christmas markets only a few months away, I am working on some fun new products in anticipation of the Christmas rush ;) 

First of all are these metallic slingshots that make the perfect addition to all the monochrome and pastel about at the moment. More to come.

What are your favourite colours? 

Preschool 'Read and Create' Classes

At our preschool classes lately we have enjoyed making cool cats and bubble snakes. If you live in the Timaru area and are looking for something different to do with your little one  - we'd love to have you! See our facebook page for more details.





How to make a Bubble Snake

You will need: 

a plastic bottle with the bottom cut off, a piece of muslin/tea towel or fabric with a weave, a rubber band, duct tape, dishwash liquid, bowl of water

  1. tape the cloth tight over the cut off end of the bottle - you may want to secure it with a rubber band for an extra seal.
  2. add a generous amount of dish liquid to a small bowl of water.
  3. dip the cloth end of the bottle into the bubbly water and blow through the other end (be careful not to suck!)

How long can you make your snake?


For more fun ideas, check out our Pinterest boards @ www.pinterest.com/minimadenz


Have a great week everyone :) 

Sara x

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